12 February

Wasa Thins – New For 2016!

Wasa is adding two new surprisingly satisfying products to its assortment of specialty crackers. Wasa Thins are a hearty snack cracker with blends of rich flavors, 7-8 grams of wholegrains, and only 70-80 calories per serving. Not only does this cracker provide great taste, but it also provides 25% of the USDA’s daily recommended whole grain.

The texture and taste of these crackers help to fulfill hunger and can be customized to an individual’s liking. Each variety offers simple flavor notes which can be enjoyed separately, or with light toppings to compliment any snacking occasion. Additionally, Wasa Thins are packaged in a stay-fresh pouch and compact box, easy to carry for those with an active on-the go life style or the healthy snacker, wanting to reach for something satisfying and nutritious.

As the world’s largest baker of crispbread, Wasa is committed to providing simple, high quality products with a clean label – meaning no added sugar, no artificial flavors, or no cholesterol. Therefore, it’s no surprise Wasa is growing its brand offering with the new Thins line as a reflection to their commitment.

The two new Wasa Thins flavors, Rosemary & Sea Salt and Sesame & Sea Salt will be available in February 2016. Find in the cracker aisle of your local retailer.